Squirrel in the mid day sun; it’s Veterans Day.

November 11. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month WWI ended. Thanks to all of my fellow Veterans who answered a call larger than themselves. Thank you freedom is not free, if you ever dought it come down to any Veterans Hospital and talk to the guys who paid for it.

The unsettled weather came then passed through without dropping a bit of rain. The overnight temperatures are close to freezing which I believe is the reason the Slough is quiet until the Sun warms things up. Skunkpuppy and I were out in the Garden then the garage doing a bit of cleaning. Between 11am and Noon we were on the Levee with a camera and a fetch rope for her.

I captured the above photo Sunday morning when the lighting was good and the Squirrel hadn’t seen me.

Monday while on the Levee we saw a flash in the Fig tree, at first glance I thought it may be a tree Rat. The shadows were deep and dark making it hard to see amongst the branches and leaves. I set the the camera at f-5.6 ISO 1000, the shutter was 1/2500 fast enough for the bright sun and to get a hazy depth of field.

The camera settings were close to being right, I have not decided what my next attempt will be when met with these circumstances. I reduced the black, shadows and white light on the above picture. I must say it ended up being good, however each image needed a bit of lightening.

When the Squirrel climbed above the limbs into an open area it lit him up nicely for a photo. Due to the harsh sunlight casting deep black shadows I was able to see the animal well. However he was backed up with the deep dark shadows. I’m happy with this image as well.

The image above was a challenge although it appears it wouldn’t be due to the Squirrel being out of the shadows. But what appears to be a light shadow from his tail to head was dark in editing. Easing on the blacks and shadowing produced a usable image. I realize the noon hour is one of the most challenging periods of the day for photography. However there are ways to be successful dealing with it; I feel I’m catching on.

I will fiddle with the white balance a bit, taking a few days of experimenting will produce usable results. I’m happy to have the time to try different approaches to issues. I took 150+ shots of that Squirrel, I kept most of them. Editing remains to be completed on many, the photos are good making the touchup proceed nicely.

Jacques Lebec Shutter Flutter

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