I’m watching the clouds pass by.

Yesterday I was out in the bright afternoon Sunshine watching the clouds sail past. I have not done that for many decades, really for two reasons. The first and most prominent is there are no clouds in California until Winter, and secondly I have not thought about it. As I was watching the interaction between the Sun and the spaces between the clouds I noticed how artistic it was.

I decided to take some photos as an experiment dealing with the Sun that was hidden behind the cloud. I waited until the Sun was obscured then observed how it illuminated the top of the cloud and not the bottom. The contrast was quite a sight, the bright white suddenly becoming a deep dark black in the shadows. Interestingly enough not all of them displayed the same features.

The sky in the photo above was this electric blue while the clouds with the contrasting white and black was very interesting. I was able to take the images with no over-exposure which I was expecting; in fact I expected to delete all of them I took. Surprisingly enough that was not the case as was the editing needing a minimal amount. Mostly texture and clarity, nothing with the colors, shadows or brightness.

The picture above displays both the blue sky (although not quite so electric) and the details of the clouds. I am pleased with he results. The wind blew hard, I was able to see the rain falling from the clouds visible in this image. However it never did rain, but it did in the Sierra Nevada’s and that is the most important place for it to land.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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