Blue birds, rabbits and seagulls

I’m of the opinion that no matter the setting or the time of day there is something worthy of being photographed. Most photographers keep their cameras with them at all times, some of us novices do as well. The more pictures I take adds to my experience and knowledge. Using a methodical routine helps a lot, I take photos of nearly everything.

I concentrate on composition, attempting to produce a balanced photograph with a dedicated subject is essential. Finding a subject can be challenging, but being an amateur I will choose anything as one. I do that to practice setting up the shot, often I don’t have my camera ready to shoot. I will study a subject setting it up in my mind ascertaining if it will balance or be the slight bit interesting.

As with the Ring Billed Seagull pictured above, I have a number of Seagull images. Some are nearly alike; they make wonderful studies. I set up this photo first by setting my trials-pod in the best place I was able to spot it. I then studied through the eyepiece to set the camera exactly where I thought it should be. I focused on the eye, moved the camera to the right placing the bird in the 1/3 section on the left, then completing the shot.

Achieving a successful photo of a squirrel is a different matter, they do not stay still as long as birds do. I look for them approaching, they are not dumb animals, while I’m looking for them they are looking for me. At the first sign of issues they will hightail it to the nearest trees to take the overhead route. The object is to have the camera set up at the ready, when the varmint pauses focus on the eye then snap off several in continuous shutter.

Using continuous shutter, I use 3 per second my camera is capable of 7. I always end up with images as the one above, the animal spotted me and took off in one bounding leap. It is an unintended shot as evidenced by it being slightly out of focus. It is good for a story blog or in this case as an example which I use many of my sub-standard pictures for. These pictures were taken Saturday morning while having coffee. That’s how I photograph, I take a lot of images not being bashful to delete them. I will take them with the intention of deleting many of them but I will not take them with the intention of editing them. My goal as is with many others to use my Raw images with minimal editing, I’d like to say I’m succeeding. However it appears it’s going to take me a while longer to put it mildly.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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