Seagulls previously; now Gulls.

I was out on the road side early yesterday morning attempting to capture images of the Crows. It was a trial, they are elusive as all get out; but they are everywhere. They stay out of sight of me changing from one side of the tree to the other as I am sighted. Plus I could not get close enough for a detailed shot; I will take another approach in a few days. If I alarm them too much they may never return, it took them two years the last time.

Gull over the slough 5

I moved the operation to the river side porch, I thought I’d get a shot at something. I did, the picture of the Seagull is one that was predictable, once they dive and are successful they will return to the exact same spot many times over. They are opportunist, when a Sea Lion visits the gulls are all over it. When there is the slightest chance of a free meal they partner up with whatever animal is catching fish.

When Gulls are the subject it is imperative the lighting be perfect. Any orientation other than from the side the Sun is shining from will result in deep shadows. The photo above was taken when the lighting was striking the bird perfectly. This Gull is on the return trip to make another pass skimming the water.

I had to practice endlessly to take pictures of birds in flight; Gulls are good to practice with. They are numerous, fast flyers, and predictable. I concentrated on flying birds so much I am now being challenged to capture more perching birds. I did not realize I would be practicing that as well; I’m unsure what I will do about the Corvids. I’ll do some research to find out what will attract them, then I’ll hide behind a bush or something. I know that I under-estimate their intelligence, I am most likely paying the freight on that during my quest to photograph them. Could it be they are Physic?

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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