the elusive crow

I was down in the garden at 7am this morning, the sun was just on the rise. My intention was to set up my camera and take some photos of the local Corvids in what I thought was the tree they roost in. I still don’t know for sure if that is the tree, however there were a large number of them in, around and over it. They are giving me a complex, either they see me and don’t trust what they see or it’s my imagination.

They were all on my side of the tree until I showed up then on cue their position changed, they all shuffled over to the far side. I didn’t move choosing to set up where I was then kicking my patience into high gear. I waited for the chance to take an image like the one above. I’m striving for more detail but for that I’d have to get a bit closer. Then to accomplish that I’d have to dress like a bush and hide; these are smart birds.

I have a number of images of them flying, I made a concerted effort over a one month period of concentrating on capturing them. I did not think taking pictures of them perched would be such a challenge.

I managed to snap a few; they were all on this perch. For all I know it’s the same bird, they move around constantly keeping me guessing. Another attempt will be made again in the morning, then Saturday and Sunday to catch the Crows images. I may hang some shiny do-dads around with nuts and corn to attract them, but that too will be a lot of trial and error.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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