my reflexes need a boost.

I get caught unaware on occasion, actually on most occasions, photographing birds is one area it really shows.

I was all set looking skyward while sitting on my scooter, not a creature in sight. Suddenly this Hawk buzzed over my head, on the ready I raised my camera just in time to catch the South end of a North bound train. I’m happy with the exposure, but it’s the wrong end.

The Turkey Vulture was right behind him, zipping above me against the wind. I had not set my camera down enabling this earth rocking shot. I at least captured part of its front in the turn it was executing. Another good exposure for whatever that’s worth for this image headed for the dustbin.

Blue Heron in flight 1

I packed my stuff up then headed to the riverside, surely I would have better results up there. I was able to get a good shot of the East end of this West bound Great Blue Heron. But again the exposure is quite good, the colors in this soon to be deleted picture is really good.

It reminds me of “Longhorn Leghorn” saying to the “Chicken Hawk” in one cartoon. “I say there, I keep pitching and you keep missing”. That is just how I felt.

Jaques Lebec Shutter Flutter

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