the fog rolled in

Fog is a regular part of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the Central Valley it is called “Tule Fog”, where I live it’s called the “Delta Fog”. Filling the low Delta Islands it resembles water forming them into lake look alike; almost.

It resembles water as the fog dissipates, when it gets to this level it won’t be there much longer. When the Sun is reflected off of it the image will be over-exposed. It’s important to take the picture just prior to the Sun emerging from behind the clouds.

I’m honestly not too taken aback by these photographs, in the image above I was battling with the utility tower in the background. I succeeded in making it appear as it it is floating, but I end up with a feeling of UGH. I’m not sure if it would be more presentable if the tower was not part of the image; I believe it would be an unbalanced picture no matter what is in the background.

I then attempted to make something from the South West, the towers are floating but they appear to be out of place. The river is a fine image but those dang towers; I keep attempting to make them look good.

I ended up with the image above as far as photographing a full landscape in the fog. Again it is unbalanced with no subject, it’s a successful image but I will delete it because it’s just a picture. I stumbled across a keeper however.

The image above was the first I took this morning, actually 3 different pictures. This is one of those that while I was in the process it didn’t seem to have potential. After uploading it and going through the editing process I realized how good of an image it is. The fog isn’t hard to photograph, I merely found it’s difficult to use to my advantage. Finding a subject is tough as few wild animals are out and no birds are. That leaves inanimate objects, trees, rocks and towers for instance. The Cows worked, a forest most likely would and perhaps out on the main river it may as well. One successful image out of 50+ is alright I suppose, the fun is experimenting with different environmental challenges.

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