honey bees.

My night photography adventure didn’t work out so well last night; of 75 images I deleted all but three. That’s the way it goes, I’ll simply work on it. I finally was able to get a few decent images of the Honey Bees on the Rosemary Bush.

I nearly stopped the wings, but I like this image because the slight blue suggests movement. It’s a bit out of focus, but that’s the challenge after all.

They are fast little dudes making it a less than 50/50 chance to catch a good image. It’s fun though, I’ve been taking pictures of the Bees on that bush for years. I’ve had limited success but it has been fun.

I am getting closer, it just seems like they keep getting faster while I keep getting slower. These were taken at high noon, I’ve been working on that for the past week or so. Using the shade is the secret for me, I attempt to capture the subject out of the harsh Sun Shine. I like how in this bush although small the branches appear to be a forest compared to the Honey-Bee.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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