Pictures in the dark

After the sun set this evening I went out on the Levee to plan a photo of the City lights nearest to me. I happened to take a fairly good shot of the Quarter Moon. I took 56 photos then deleted all but six, most were not very good indeed.

I’m messing around with taking some shots after dark, this one is not totally bad. It’s good enough for my story blog as well as this one where I talk about my trials and tribulations learning Photography. I normally use a try-pod due to my disabilities but I hand held my camera for this image and it worked out well. I attempted an earlier Moon-shot a few months ago, it tanked badly; but that’s how we learn. I like the composition of this image with the Tree outline on the left and empty space to the right.

I snapped the Blue Heron in the above photo a few minutes later; It was just as dark. I don’t use a flash or any type of external lighting, it was not affected by any lights that I was able to see. It did however take a fair share of editing the shadows and dark areas, but it is basically an original image.

The image above was taken immediately after the previous one, again I did a fair share of editing the black and shadows. It wasn’t under-exposed or blurred it merely needed a touch of help. I’m fairly satisfied with them both, again these are also good for my story blog and as an example in this one.

I’m going to take a time-lapse of the distant City lights, there aren’t very many of them. It’s not a large City by any stretch of the imagination, the edge of town is just off of Main Street. Indeed I am able to see that road from my porch 4 miles away. My plan is to work in the dark for a while as I have been doing at high noon; I’m one of those people that have to experience things to figure them out.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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