Red Tailed hawks.

I’ve been attempting to capture an image of a Coopers Hawk that has been flying around for the past few days. I followed it on the Levee for a few hundred yards until he stepped on the gas and zipped away. I did manage to take quite a few but all of them were out of focus, plus being out of range. The little predator is unbelievably fast.

I was able to take several more of the Red Tailed Hawks, They came out pretty good. I managed to meet them during the Golden Hour as seen in the reflection of the feathers in the above image. It was taken at 8:15 am, ISO 1250 F10 1/2500 shutter, I use the Aperture mode and returned to single shot.

I experimented using the multi-point focus but it is too confusing for me, I could not figure out what was used as the focal point; there simply is not enough control of the final product. If one point is not on the bird it will set itself to infinity due to attempt focusing on the sky.

I’m confident there is someone somewhere who is able to take photos of flying birds in manual, I don’t think I will ever join that group. Using one spot (Canon) is a challenge causing me to take multiple images, I use the slow speed continuous. On my camera that is 3 snaps per second. The maximum achievable for my model is 7 per second.

I may be missing some shots by choosing the lower number of snaps but it has advantages as well. The most obvious is the buffer doesn’t fill up nearly as fast. Secondly it is way to easy to take a thousand images in a few burst.

Red Tailed Hawk

Which may not be totally bad but the issue I have is it takes me a week to edit that many pictures because I go through them at least 3 times and normally 5+. I first delete the obviously unsaveable due to focus, blurring or a blank canvas, it normally eliminates a few hundred. That doesn’t entail a lot of time, the second edit I perform is the rest of the out of focus which can take a long time due to attemtping to “fix” some of them which is nearly impossible, one day I will learn to delete all out of focus. The third editing is more deleting for sure but that is after they are completed then rejected for various other reasons. I finished editing the 875 I took last week in one setting just this afternoon keeping only the best in my opinion. When taking into account all of the experimenting I perform my skills are improving.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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