high noon flowers.

The critters are hiding, I sense a change in weather is afoot. There are two indicators the first is I’m so stiff I can hardly move and the other is the birds are definetly moving around. The past two days I have been able to take photos of small birds and flowers.

These were all taken during the noon hours, 11am-1pm, I don’t like taking images with the idea of editing later but that’s exactly what I did. I enhanced the shadows in the picture of the Egg Plant flower, it brings out the purple.


The Hibiscus featured above sits on our front stoop, it must be planted in a permanent setting soon. I have been photographing it up against the outer blue wall. That is fine, because in one image I caught a neat shadow. I decided to photograph it again using the house 75 feet away as a blurred background. I focused on the pollen protruding from the near side flower attempting to keep the far side slightly out. It seems to have worked out well.

Above is a plant that thrives in the shade, the shadows even though it was noon are deep and dark. I enhanced them only to even them out, as I did the yellow of the small flower turned on as if it were a torch.

A Bee on the Rosemary bush, and it is a huge bush, it always photographs well with the sun directly above it. During the early spring it is loaded with Honey Bees, I would have preferred to capture this one flying. I like the way the shadows and blue flowers contrast against one another. It makes the Honey Bee a bit difficult to see however; I will mark this down as a lesson learned. I will continue working on images taken around the Rosemary. Hummingbirds frequent it as well, but I captured a few of them. They don’t hold the same intrigue for me as other critters.

High noon caused over-exposure in this image, I toned it down a bit with the shadows. I roamed my neighbors lot, she has an unbelievable ability to grow flowers. They are weekenders, my intention was to ask her yesterday if she would mind if I took a few shots; I forgot so I will ask forgiveness. My idea is to take a few more during the early morning hours.

The photo of the Geranium is my new favorite, the texture of the dried reeds on the left compliments the tree trunk on the right side. Both of them together project the red flowers towards the camera. I did no editing on this image, but I do shoot in Raw; it brings more colors out.

So went the day yesterday, I headed for home and after I re-set the circuit breaker for the Air Conditioner all was well.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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