I joined viewbug.

I stumbled across a web site “Viewbug”, it’s a photography site. I joined for the opportunity to view a wide variety of pictures taken by people from every genre. They have contests offering prizes ranging from lens cleaners to expensive equipment. The contests are peer judged, I like that as part of the membership is voting. It gives one a chance to see the talent, and most of it is really imaginative and skilled.

I have entered several photos, the Rose pictured above is one of them. I believe it’s good enough to be competitive to about the 10-20 level decision.

I entered the photo above in a contest “purple”, I’m not sure about it but as I was reading the competetion rules they reminded me that I took this one the day before. I entered it, this is a run of the mill picture. I will be surprised if it places in the top 100, there are a number similar to the point I had to think if they were mine.


I’ve been wrong before, the photo above was judged 66 of 1550 entries; I’m happy with that. Honestly I didn’t think it would show in the top 100, but we are lousy judges of our own work.

Voting is fun, there is a panel of 6 images and the voter chooses 2 from each set. There is nothing technical about it, simply make a chose of what you personally like. I’m not a professional, I have no idea what criteria is used to judge professional work; if I like it I vote for it, that’s simple. Plus it’s a good education and a way to keep up with what’s trending, all photos must be current within the past month.

I entered the Crow as well, he’s an ornery looking rascal, the category was “inspired by black”. I predict it will place mid-range depending upon how many entries there are I’m thinking about 500 out of however many.

It’s enjoyable to compete, judge and compare my work with others much more talented than I. The artistic ability and imagination possessed by most of the competitors is astounding. So far so good.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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