Odd sky shades this morning

Nearly all of my photos are taken from the riverside porch, it’s about 20 feet above the water; many times I am level with the flying birds. When they fly low, so I was happy to see a flock of Pelicans fly down the center of the slough just above the water. However the sky is an odd color.

I tinted the sky in this image, something I don’t like to do.
This image has the natural sky, I did not edit this photo at all, these three were part of the flock of a dozen or so.

I use Adobe Lightroom, a straight forward easy to use program that allows a lot of changes. But not as many as Photoshop which I don’t use mainly because I don’t need heavy editing; I rely on good images from the camera. That’s the reason I’m bewildered by the color of the sky.

The color of the sky in this image is the condition of the sky this morning. The image above it is an enlarged version.

The photos above are opposite, the dreary sky is the original unedited version. I colored the deep blue in the enlarged image; so much that the it looks a bit unnatural to my eye. Preferred is the happy blue sky, unfortunately it was only blue in spots which is my justification for the unusually somewhat heavy editing I consider was done.

Here the sky is again a dreary grayish/green.

It may be due to dust closer to the ground as all the big birds were flying lower today than usual. The Pelicans for example fly out of sight high normally unless they are going to land. Hawks on the other hand fly high to hunt and avoid the smaller birds that chase them relentlessly; Crows were the agitators this morning.

I returned to one-spot focusing because I couldn’t figure out what the multi-point was focusing on. When using one-spot I take fewer shots due to waiting until the eye is the subject. To focus on the eye when following a fast flyer as this Red Tailed Hawk is remains quite a challenge for me. The slower large birds Pelicans and Blue Herons as an example; my perch on the porch aids in making it so.

The bright sharp eye on this little guy is a good example of a single point eye focus. Of course he was much easier to focus on being 25 yards away. While following this bird back from the eye to the tip of the tail it’s gradually less focused. If I had focused in the middle of it’s wing the entire image would be slightly out of focus with exception of the wing.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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