Red tailed hawks in a battle

The weather is changing, it’s not expected to remain cool for an extended length of time but it is a nice relief. The change has brought more critters out, the Red Tailed Hawks showed themselves yesterday.

Red Tailed Hawks have issues

I would have liked to been closer to these two Hawks versus across the river at over 100 yards. The wind was quite stiff at 8-9 miles per hour, it aids the birds and me. Flying against the wind forces the birds to fly slower and allows me time to focus accurately. The goal is to focus on the eye with one spot, rarely can I spot a target that small.

The mating pair together

Taking photographs of birds against a featureless sky is a bit of futility for me. With a bright morning sun the subjects are more often than not under-exposed rendering them featureless. Dark birds are especially challenging due to it, Crows for instance appear as silhouettes.

Red Tailed Hawks fighting

The colors are distinctive in the images, while editing I must exercise caution as it is easy to over do it. I have started using Adobe Lightroom for the past two months. The canned program on a MacBook, iPhoto, is a good program and easy to use. However it kept crashing causing me to X out of it then begin over which became a pain in short order. Lightroom works fine so far but I have a tendency to over darken the images, a bit more experience is all it will take.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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