Egrets were out before dawn this morning.

The sky was clear this morning however the overcast was evident closer to the ground; it was a light fog. A fairly strong breeze was up at about 8-9 mph, it was carrying with it a bit of a cool snap. With the change in weather the animals began to emerge; they must be hungry after being holed up for so long due to the smoke. The Egrets were obviously anxious to be out and about, I set up my camera not expecting what was about to occur.

Red Tailed Hawk

I experienced an event I may never see again, a flock of Red Tailed Hawks took over Jersey Island. I took 780 photos this morning between the Egrets and Hawks; this blog features the Egrets.

Egret is going places

I spied him heading North in the center of the slough against the wind. It makes photographing birds on the wing easier when the wind slows them down. They are not real fast flyers by any means but they are determined. When flying with the wind their big wings (4 foot wingspan, about one meter) catch the wind and they ride it.

Egret flying against the wind

I was able to capture images of him at the perfect time, Golden Hour; it also keeps the direct sun off bright white feathers. I used single spot for focusing, it worked OK for the Egrets but not so much for the Red Tailed Hawks.

Egret landing on the far side

One of the tricks for me is knowing when to re-focus on the bird. Letting off the shutter will lose focus making it difficult to catch up to the Egret again.

The Egret’s out and about

I was fortunate to be able to capture a large number of images, each must be edited, deleted as needed, labeled and then finally organized. I have completed less than 50 this morning. It will take a while but it’s a fantastic way to determine if my cataloging plan will work; after all what good are pictures if they cannot be accessed?

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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