I changed my logo to a flying crow.

I avoid taking photos of flying birds against a featureless sky because many times they are over-exposed. My goal is to use images directly from the camera with minimal editing; I limit that to shading and detailing.

My new logo for this site is the photo above which I took yesterday morning, it is nearly a featureless image that works well. This morning I captured a few other images;

I’m not real keen on identifying birds, this is an image of what I believe to be a Junko; please correct me if I’m mistaken. It’s a small bird often perching on this much coveted perch, Hummingbirds to Hawks have perched here. It’s also a good setting to take bird photos with a blurred background the post and bird are obviously the subjects.

The bird on this handrail is not the same one pictured above, and again he is perched on a good spot for taking a photo of him. The obscured background would make the image too confusing if it was in focus; the crystal clear image is enhanced by it.

I snapped this happy little guy while he perched on the Rosemary plant which is huge. Notice how he is leaning with the branches, I found it to be entertaining. Again the blurred backdrop adds to the image, had I included something in the foreground blurred it would have added depth.

I’m not sure what he was up to exaggerating the lean like that; sometimes the critters pose nicely. He wasn’t on the branch long, perhaps 15 seconds; after all they have places to go and people to see.

He suddenly became a good soldier in this picture shortly before taking off for greener pastures. They are pretty birds unfortunately after hunting through my two bird identification books I was unable to find him. There must be an easier way to I.D. them, this ended up being a nice mess of pictures never-the-less. I took 186 total this morning deleting all but a handful, I’m still practicing capturing flying birds; I will be good at it soon.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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