Picture’s of flowers.

Patience is the keyword when photographing the wild ones, I learned once again they do not honor the schedules I make for them. I abandoned my initial goal of capturing images of Hummingbirds; choosing instead flowers.

Red Flower Tree

Surely they are every bit of interesting, I caught a few images of flowers in the garden. The Hibiscus in the photo above I thought it was interesting in the manner the shadow is cast upon the wall behind it. I don’t believe in heavy editing but I did darken the shadow a touch.

Yellow Red Rose

The image above was taken just as the sun was appearing over the top of a tree across the garden. When the sunlight landed on it the flower glowed brightly as is evident by the bleached green colors.

Pink Rose

This picture was taken yesterday morning, when I re-visited it earlier the flower had been eaten; most likely by a Rabbit. I thought it was an interesting composite of the Rose and Pumpkin plant surrounding it.

Yellow and Red Rose

This is another picture of the above Rose from a slightly different perspective. Notice the human looking face in the lower right hand corner? No, it’s not paranormal it’s merely a composite of leaves, stems and shadows out of focus.

Three Red Roses

Photos will at times take on a life of their own, I’m not fond of this one because the red of the Rose is nearly overwhelming. This is the exposure right out of the camera, it appears to be drastically photo shopped but I assure you it isn’t. The Red is so robust it creates an almost 3-D appearance, it juts right out there. All of these various colored roses with the exception of the Hibiscus grow on the same plant.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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