Non-artistic structures; forced to be artistic

Electrical power lines obscure the view all around the world. Across the river from my home are power structures which follow Interstate Highway 101 from the Columbia River to Southern California. I attempt to work around them with limited success, these are a few pictures I have taken forcing them to be artistic. Incidentally these are the same structures lacing their way through Northern California that were blamed for the wildfires of 2017-18.

Jersey Island Bridge 3

I am posting three photos with similar themes but slightly different. In the image above I centered the Jersey Island Bridge between the legs of the third tower. Included are some of the industrial/farm structures center right. A large hay stack with an electrical substation in the distance. It’s a busy image on that side, it seems to work but the viewers eye is not led to the bridge, it instinctively goes to the substation.

Jersey Island Bridge 2

In this image I directed the camera to the left in order to include the sailboat and two towers beyond the bridge. The boats form a one sided frame to the bridge but is a bit far away to be successful in directing the viewers eye to the bridge. It works if the subject were meant to be the two trees to the left of the span.

The image above works better as the structures direct the eye to the bridge, I have eliminated most of the confusing implements and industrial structures. This photo has for me successfully utilized the towers as artistic entities; it violates the rule of thirds but the bridge in the center works in this photograph. The Jersey Island Bridge is 1-1/8 mile from where the camera is on a trip-pod; I used my 100-400mm lens. Let’s move on to two other photos I took.

South Wind Mills 1

I was able to include the lower lines in this photo, there were no structures close enough to include. This Windmill farm is 16 miles to the South-West, for those familiar with the area they line the Kicker-pass road. I took them in the early morning with the intent to capture the Golden Hour coveted by photographers. I included the branch on the right to add depth and a bit of a 3-D effect. This image does not work for me, it seems out of balance.

South Wind Mills 2

This image works better than the previous one, a branch was included on the left in the picture. Still catching the Golden Sun’s reflection on the dry grass in the foothills; in my opinion this image is a bit more artistic than the previous. The branch on the right hand side strikes me as just being plain uncomfortable for a reason that escapes me. Perhaps it has to do with the top lines flowing upward then disappearing into the leaves. Conversely the image with the branch on the left seems to be releasing the lines into the sky. Regardless this has been a fun experiment, all of these photos succeed for my purposes. I form this blog around photographs, they are part of the story, not the entire script; I attempt to leave the viewers mind wanting more of an explaination. Unlike a professional photographer who takes images that tell the entire story, now that’s artistic.

Jacques Lebec flutter shutter

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