The slough in a high wind will drive whitecaps on top of 2 foot waves. When it is calm the water reflects nearly mirror like at times making it difficult to see the waters edge.

Gull over the slough 22

The waveless water makes catching fish easier for the Gulls. The image of the Gull reflected on the water in the picture above is nearly a perfect duplication of it.

The colors are reproduced with the exact hues of the plants on the Levee’s edge. The smallest particle or insect is able to disrupt the entire scene when the water is this calm.

Gull over the slough 22

Then again one medium size bird is capable of causing a major disruption in the serenity of the slough. They are constantly hunting for fish with quite an admirable success rate. Plucking minnows from the surface is normal success but once inn a while they catch a larger fish.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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