Egret staying low

The sky is filled with smoke again, the 4 day reprieve was nice but not nearly long enough. I wonder how the smoke affects the critters along the slough, does it invoke the fight or flight instincts? I’m not sure of that but it smells of heavy smoke and in my way of thinking it should. I dug out some photos of Egrets on the slough to share.

Egret flying 27

The sun was favorable the day this photo was taken, with the Egrets bright white feathers against the bright sun Chromatic aberrations can be a problem.

Egret hunting 23

I caught the timing of the suns rising correct to keep the reflections to a minimum. With this picture if I had increased the ISO and shutter speed it would have made a sharper image.

Egret in flight 4

We live and learn and with photography I have a mere few years under my belt learning the craft. I have discovered it is a combination of trial and error added with artistic ability. Knowing the photography equipment is of the utmost importance, reading the manual coupled with tutorials is worth it’s weight in good results.

Egret in flight2

Capturing a flying bird directly in front of the camera is a challenge for me as I have mentioned in previous blogs. Good photo composition tells me to leave enough space for the bird to fly into. The above picture is not composed correctly but the pylon seems to balance the off-centered subject nicely. Focus on the eye, leave the subject room to move into and show a close object (the pylon) to create depth. It’s OK the way I took it with the exception of the exposure, next time it will be a bit crisper along the edges.

I’ll be inside the house until the latest wildfire is extinguished, or controlled and the smoke is reduced.

Jacques Lebec Shutter Flutter

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