a flying Gull.

I have been concentrating lately on flying birds, taking photos of them that is. I started with following birds flying away from me as they are easier to follow. I then went to following birds flying towards me from a long distance away which made it easier. I then went to attempting to capture their images when they were in front of me flying over the river; as they whizzed past at unbelievably fast speeds.

This Gull was just below the tree tops this morning with the sun just below them casting it’s golden morning light upon the birds underwings.

I’m not keen on using the sky as a background for flying birds but this smoke filled overhead fit the bill nicely. I originally attempted to focus with one shot focusing on my camera then decided to use the multi-grid. It doesn’t do as good of a job as single point but I became a bit frustrated with my lack of ability. It solved my issue temporarily as I will continue to use the one spot focusing on the eye.

I was able to capture the dancing water behind the Gull. I took 108 photos this morning keeping 10; most were not acceptable.

A lot is going on in the above picture, reflections are one of the effects I like to capture. This reflective photo is interesting in the way the Gull is featured with the mirror image below. Again the golden sun rays are evident in this Gulls underwing as well.

The Gulls wings are covering it’s head like a hood in this image.

The reflections in the picture above are well pronounced reflecting the colors perfectly. The Gulls are always around which makes them easy to ignore, these photos tell me it may be a mistake. As I gain proficiency capturing flying birds I will practice taking photos of them on a daily basis.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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