A change in weather.

Being out on the river before the sun rises is a new adventure every day. The animals are governed by the tide, wind and change in the weather. A weather pattern emerges over the West Coast during the summer where a high pressure area develops outside of the Golden Gate and hangs there sometimes for weeks. The animals know this instinctively causing them to stay in their dens until cooler weather prevails. The Egrets are different, they normally show up on the slough after the sun rises. Lately they have been out before sun rise.

They are Snow White and reflect the sun’s rays as a mirror. When the backdrop is dark with the white contrasting against it causes Chromatic aberrations, the colored aura surrounding them. But before the sun rises fully capturing a picture of them is a bit less tricky. I took 100 or so snaps of this guy then deleted all but 10. The end results are fine, it’s the entire composition that makes the photo.

The Great Blue Herons are different with their dark plumage against a dark background they aren’t as likely to reflect the suns rays. I took 12 photos of this Heron, with four different camera settings. The sun had just risen over the horizon when I started to take the images.

Taking pictures of birds flying is an entirely different ball game. My latest goal is to become proficient at that task, after taking a few hundred shots with zero keepers ones self confidence begins to wane.

I use this photo quite a bit, it is an old one I took over a year ago. I am impressed with it because I took this with my video camera then gleaned this photo from it. It’s always best to end a blog with an odd number of photos, not one however, either three or five.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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