Setting up my camera before the sun rises gives me time to drink coffee before the critters show up. This morning I noticed the Milk Weed I had convinced my now absent neighbor to allow to grow.

The plant has grown pretty much out of control and is in need of a serious trimming. I still hope the Monarch Butterflies will find it or one of the others scattered about.

I got a bit carried away when I decided to photograph the sunlight illuminated snag behind the Milk Weed Plant. I like the contrast between the dark morning shadows and the snag on the East side of the trees exposed to the morning sun.

The picture above is one of the numerous flowers on the plant. It’s a misnomer to call the Milk Weed Plant a weed, it is a valuable member of the garden. They are the only plants Monarch Butterflies will lay their eggs on, the larva only eat the milky sap. To release the nutrients to the emerging larva the adult Monarch “roughs” up the stems, bruising them making them soft for the emerging young.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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