Three Photos; one high tide

High tide was at 8:36am this morning, I was expecting an enormous crowd of birds and other critters. Disappointment reigned supreme, the turnout was more like a boycott. I expect life to act on the tides, low tide is siesta time, high tide is working time. I do believe that is not the case but I still cling to it. It’s much like the best time to give birth is on the incoming tide, and the best time to die is the outgoing tide. I don’t know about all of that either but it’s is fun to hear them.

The Scrub Jays are over achievers; they don’t have time to be still for more than a few seconds. I was able to take several photos of a pair this morning then deleted all but this one. The photo quality was good but the backdrop was a boat. It was not blurred at all, the spider webs, bugs and dirt all showed up real well distracting from the birds, the overall composition was terrible. I’m pleased with the image of this Scrub Jay, he’d be proud to take it home to mom.

Watching the Cattle in the pasture across the river, there is something about a Calf with it’s mother in the middle of a large open space. It’s the iconic symbol of the Western United States. I have heard the Cowboys real fear wasn’t desperadoes’, roving packs of Wolves or Grizzly Bears; it was wild Bulls crashing out of the tree line delivering to them their nightmares.

As usual the ever present Blue Heron has caught it’s breakfast. This morning two of them were on the slough, they cover a large area while hunting. For being such a large bird they have a tendency to sneak up on me, both of them flew past at eye level. True to form even though my camera was set up I missed the opportunity, a swig of coffee over ruled my artistic endeavors; I’ll catch up to them next time.

It’s nice to have clear skies again.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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