The smoke is gone; for now.

Waking up to a clear smokeless sky is a good change after what seems like 6 months of living next to a camp fire. The two big fires nearest the Island are 98% contained, 2% remains out of control. I estimate the 2% represents around 2,000 acres. Thats about 1/3 of the size of the Island across the slough.

The white tank in the upper center of the picture above is 2-1/2 miles from where this was taken; and on the far side of another slough. The other light colored buildings to the right are 3 miles from me. The line of trees closest are 996 yards, those beyond are just over one mile (1.18 miles).

The fog pictured above was hanging for dear life onto the ground upon my waking. The pasture across the slough will fill with the fog causing it to appear as if it is a lake. I was a bit slow to the tri-pod to catch it. None the less the photo shows the depth of field this morning, the mountain range in the distance is 16 miles to the top ridge.

This morning’s sun and the wind were perfect at 65 degrees F (while drinking coffee until dawn). The benches on the Levee top offer walkers a much needed rest, mostly the little kids sit on them.

It is curious that on a perfect morning the only critters out and about was this flock of flycatchers. Each of the light colored dots is a small bird, uneventful with one but quite impressive when they number in the hundreds.

It was great to spend some smoke free time outside this morning, I hope to once again at dusk. With any luck tomorrow morning will be equally as nice, perhaps more animals will join me.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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