Lighting makes all the difference.

I have discovered a large part of Photography is lighting, it seems to be a non-brainer but for me it had to be driven home with experience. I had taken many photos of this particular landscape subject when I decided to take it during early morning, high noon and Dusk. It’s not a particular riveting scene but it presents an interesting exercise in lighting.

In the early morning picture I focused on the sailboat in the distance. My intent was to capture the early light, the sun was rising on the far side of the tree on the left. It is a subtle light presenting it as near to normal as can be.

The same scene taken when the sun was directly overhead around noon time. The light is shining on the top of the leaves and railing. The sky remains obscured with smoke from the wildfires however the sun was exposed for a few hours. This photo is starkly different as compared to the early morning image.

Light from the setting sun cast an entirely different light effect to the same scene. These are all untouched enabling me to compare the three times of day. I must say I was surprised when I first looked at this one and nearly deleted it. After further consideration I decided to retain it for future reference. However as I returned for more looks I became intrigued with it, the golden sunlight appears nearly un-natural.

The scene may not be awe-inspiring but the effects of the light certainly is. Although high noon is not recommended as being the best photographic time of day I am pleased with this; it may be due to my taking it from the shade. The same may hold true for the early morning shot, the tree is casting shade blocking the sun from the lens. But the evening picture was taken with the sun directly upon my back presenting an interesting contrast between it and the preceding two.

I remember as a youngster in Northern Minnesota the sun was red one evening, I had not noticed it before so I asked my sister why that was. She replied matter of factly that it was Pollution. Now with the smokey sky when the sun rises it is red, during the day it’s white and when the sun sets it’s gold presenting an interesting photographic opportunity for me.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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