levee visitors of the small variety

Small birds are hard to ignore, we may be able to if there was one or two but when they number the hundreds or thousands, the pay no attention to them notion files out the window.

Robins are pretty birds, this male displays his attitude, he’s a dude.

He’s a healthy bird, well fed with plenty of water. Years that have ample rainfall are like steroids to all wildlife. Egg layers typically lay more eggs and larger animals Bear, Deer and Mountain Lions will have double births, sometimes three.

Females are smaller and appear less aggressive.

The females are normally smaller than the males they are not as brilliantly colored. It’s a natural selection thing, if they were brightly colored blending in with the background would not be possible. Some birds whether male or female have no coloring at all.

House sparrow.

The common house Sparrow is such a bird, they are everywhere dispersed throughout North American and I suspect the entire world. They are the seed eating fly catching flying miracles of nature, the best part is they eat Mosquitoes.

There are a lot of them a member of one species that are not easy to ignore. Not many photos of them win contests but without them our world would have more bugs and weeds than we do now. Constantly eating and jittery as I am after drinking coffee all day long.

Sporting a crown on top of their head they are dressed in all shades of brown, making it hard to see them in their native habitats. Dried grass, scampering around wood piles and old structures they blend right in.

They add to our lives if in no other way then keeping us entertained.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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