The Air cleared a bit; i got out and took a few photos.

I finally purchased a new camera to replace the 21 year old Canon Rebel that is now an antique. I have used it all of these years; 5 years ago I began to notice how modern the new cameras are. My desire was to start a YouTube channel; I bought a Canon Vixia video camera. It is a good camera but basic, just exactly what I wanted to enable me to learn how to video and if it was something I wanted to pursue. It is, which propelled my hunt for a camera that took good photos as well as equally good video’s; now I’m in the middle of a learning curve.

The first image with my T8i Canon.

I have spent the first few days watching the 2-1/2 hour tutorial on YouTube; I’ve watched it twice. I have also taken the Chris Bray Photography course on line; it is 2+ hours as well. I highly recommend his course to a beginner as I am, (it’s free).

My small pumpkin plant, it covers an area 5 foot x 25 foot and has no less than 10 Pumpkins growing.

I got to the place in the instructions that dictated for me to head out and use the thing. I got on my scooter and with Skunkpuppy coming along we took a few photos. My main goal was to use a small f number along with an ISO between 800 & 1000.

This Milkweed is growing wild in the the roadside ditch, it’s now about 10 foot tall. There are no Monarch Butterflies yet, it’s been here 3 years. I won’t give up on them as it may take as long as 5 years for them to show up.

There are several Milkweeds growing nearby, some are on the waterside growing on the Levee slope. They are all going to seed; with luck they will establish a self sustaining group. When there is a substantial population the chances of the Butterflies arriving grows.

This Cactus is growing on the water side of the Levee.

I have heard the fruit on this species of Cactus is edible; I am not sure of that and will not test one to find out. They certainly look as if they are, but getting past the thorns may be a challenge. The paddles (?) are edible in salads and cooked in some manner. I feed a bit to the Earthworms after slicing them in strips. A funny thing about Cactus, they don’t rot however they do dry out; I believe the Earthworms like the moisture in them.

The closest wildfire to me is 75% contained, the air is clearing a bit but it will take a while longer to extinguish them. I have a tendency to think when they get to that level of containment the fire is nearly out. It’s a mind trap because 25% is still raging out of control, the firefighters remain in grave danger; we shouldn’t celebrate until it is 100% out.

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