Plenty of Rabbits

It is not a surprise when Rabbits are in the neighborhood there are a lot of them. The Island is no exception, they began showing up during the heavy rains of the 2015-2016 winter.

The Rabbits have made themselves at home over the past 4 years.

A nearby marina is built on a rock outcropping in the middle of the slough, the Rabbits made a home under the club house. As the water was rising they made the grand escape, some swam to the far side, the survivors swam to this side.

They come in all sizes and colors, although black is the only ones shown.

There is a litter of bunnies every time I look around, unfortunately they attract predators. Isn’t that the way of nature, when an over population occurs she fills the voids when needed.

One morning I was watching the long ears running amok on the Levee when a Red Tailed Hawk appeared from the sky. It dove towards a Rabbit and smacked directly into the wood fence at the spot shown. The Hawk shook himself off, after sitting there for a minute or so he took to the air.

I find it interesting Rabbits are unable to look upwards, they don’t see the incoming birds until the last second. What saves them I believe is their lightening fast reflexes. When danger is suspected they are gone in a flash, it must be a stressful life.

Jacques Lebec Shutter Flutter

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