California Quail

It was a nice change to see this California Quail strolling along the top of the Levee. Normally they are further inland where the habitat is more to their liking. I was fortunate to see the entire family one morning last week, the adults were followed by the entire clutch of 10 small mini-me’s.

He was proud of himself, or that is the demeanor being displayed perhaps caused by hormones or the nice day that may have emboldened him. He is in excellent physical shape it appears as if he may be taking advantage of the Ranchers Chicken Coop feeding trough. They are a size easily overlooked by the Farmer, they are a bit smaller than an adult Chicken but there are many in various stages of growth.

He’s on the same fence post he was kind enough to strike a different pose. They don’t stay still for long, opposite of Herons and Egrets that wouldn’t move out of the way of a freight train. These birds will scamper off rapidly upon setting eyes on me or Skunkpuppy who more or less ignores them.

Eventually this Quail abandoned the Levee and sought refuge amongst the Trees on the far side of the road. I haven’t seen this animal or any of the others since this day, they most likely moved to the Islands interior to be safe in the tall grass and Trees.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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