Canadian Geese

I’m confident this may be the last photos I post from my old camera; I finally purchased a new one. I’ve used an antique Canon for 21 years, it was cutting edge in 1999. Also a good purchase at $1000.00 back then, $41.62 a year; It was well worth it. I’ve taken a lot of photographs with it, and several of Canadian Honkers.

They are large birds with a voice as bold as their size, they certainly let everyone know when they are near the slough. Even with my hearing loss there is something about their low decibel honking I am capable of hearing. They are the first birds to show up in the fall, some stay the entire year not leaving with their companions.

I have photographed them during blazing hot days, rain and one day in a Hale storm. They are tough birds evident when the rock sized ice began pelting them, they kept on eating the duck weed. They didn’t stop honking or eating totally oblivious to the storm, amazing animals they are.

I took these pictures last spring, the smoke from the wildfire is keeping the animals away. During these events they head for clearer air to breathe as well as a habitat where they won’t be threatened. It’s the beginning of wildfire season, we have a long way to go until the rainy season begins around the first of November. The wind should die after Labor Day, cooler weather will begin; bringing along with it overnight dew which will help extinguish the flames.

I added these photos with calm water, and clear sky’s which will return followed by the animals, and the vacationers. It will be welcome during the spring of 2021, perhaps when the smoke clears out it will clear the air all across the country, blue sky and less stressful times will prevail.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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