A Great blue heron; SILHOUETTES.

The photographs I captured in this blog were an intentional experiment. My intent was to take a photo as shadows, I am happy with them for a first attempt.

I set the f-stop as I intended, focusing on the Heron the f-8 blurred the Rosemary bush in the foreground.

It was past dusk by just a few moments, without a wind the reflections of the utility towers 400 yards away show well on the calm water; in the photo above.

This photo is alright, if not for the lighter highlights it would have been a much better image.

He caught what appears to be a Mink or one of our Chinchilla running wild. Both species are present gaining freedom after the farms raising them stopped business 40 years ago.

Upon finishing his dinner he decided to take to the wing.

He is taking to the air, with his giant wings it doesn’t take many strokes until he is aloft and gone.

After a few strokes of his wings he is off, not many more will carry him out of sight.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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