five Old tree Snags

Trees die, some standing, others falling to the ground. Those remaining standing sometimes stay upright for many years as the photos on this page show.

On the edge of the levee the snag in the photo above will one day fall, it’s surrounded by an unpaved parking lot. With luck when it does collapse it won’t crush a vehicle or worse yet a person.

Standing on the opposite shoulder of the dirt road is a snag which is leaning heavily toward the Levee top. A gate spans the Levee at that spot to keep traffic from accessing it; it’s also in the path in the event this snag falls. On the far side is a Marina, several cars are parked in the lot as well as directly in the path of this Trees trajectory.

On the edge of the parking lot stands another snap, this one appears to be a bit more structurally sound but looks are deceiving. One good wind I’m afraid and over she goes.

Above is a snag that is in a relatively safe place, the one that stood taking up the empty space next to it was not. The Rancher cut it down as it was endangering his outbuildings making up his Chicken Coops. It was on the verge of falling, the truly bad thing is a pair of Red Tailed Hawks nested in the downed snag for many years. They had to find a new home, but in the end they survived when they may not have if the tree had fallen.

The dead Tree in this photo is on the River’s side, when they fall that close to a body of water it is always into the water. I suspect that is due to the soft mud making up the bank collapsing under the weight of the Tree. Unfortunately boat docks are in this ones’ path, with boats in them.

As I pass by on my scooter when I encounter someone with a vehicle parked under them I become a butt-in-ski and tell them of the danger. The owner knows they are there choosing to accept the liability versus cutting them down as the Rancher across the road has.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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