The Smoke is extremely dangerous

Two years ago California caught on fire which resulted in causing the most damage by fire in the states history. This year will surpass that damage, at last count 250+ fires were burning. That is just the big ones, over 250,000 fires of all sizes were burning immediately after the last lightning storm.

The photo above captures how clear the air is on a semi-normal basis; I say semi-normal because it’s this clear except during the months July-October. San Francisco is 40 miles beyond the Diablo Range which is 16 miles from where I took this picture. The smoke is incredibly dangerous in it’s own right. During the fires of 2017-18 I developed a sinus infection that turned into a fungus infection in my ears. I am still fighting the infection which caused me to become completely deaf due to my eardrums rotting away; with treatment. I am now determining if I should have surgery to repair them, I’m undecided.

The image above is how it appeared yesterday, today we cannot see that stand of trees 1 mile West. Typically the smoke starts above the ground early in the morning then when the air warms it sinks to earth. The nearest fire right now is in Vallejo 40 miles N.W. where there is an evacuation in place for tens of thousands of residents. If this continues California may be like the Sahara Desert in ten years.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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