Hummingbirds are abundant this year around the slough, I spied this one early one morning. I was in the garage working on one of my wood projects when I spotted two fledgling Doves on the trailer loaded with items destined to the landfill.

The photo above is one of the adult Doves, the other is in the tree being visited by the Hummingbird. The adult is watching the youngsters getting tangled up in the trailer below. Meanwhile the Hummingbird continues his fast action harvesting of the trees nectar.

Earlier that morning while I was on the waterside porch with my coffee a Hummingbird flew about two feet from my face. Hovering it seemed to come in for a close look, certainly he didn’t think I was a flower; that would be the first time such a mis-characterization was made.

This is where we parted ways, I went back to work on my wood lathe and he continued on his way to another tree. Hummingbirds in the past have made nests in this tree easily watched from the second floor window seat. There are several species during the midsummer warm days, however these little ones are year round residents.

Jacques Lebec Flutter Shutter

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